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Alto + Assure

Accept IRA Capital in Your Deals

How to get started


Let us know you’d like to accept IRA investments into your deal by filling out the form below!


Assure + Alto create your offering on Alto’s platform and invite potential investors you've identified to invest in your deal.

Make an Investment

Investors accept the invite, set up an Alto account, and create an IRA entity in Assure's Glassboard portal.

We'll take care of executing the documents and finalizing the investments in your deal!

Want to accept IRA capital in an upcoming deal?

Let us know how we can reach you, and a member of the Alto team will be in touch!

About Assure

Assure was founded in 2012 and looked very different than it does today. We had 3 products: Investor Relations for fund managers, Due Diligence for the SBA's $3 Billion dollar initiative, and Fund Analytics. In 2013, Assure Co-Founders Jeremy and Katie Neilson received a call from AngelList asking if they could “set up funds in bulk”. The request was to structure, administer and maintain an entity from start to finish for one flat fee. Assure said "yes", and within a little over 4 months, had structured and closed approximately 60 deals.

Today, having completed over 6,000 transactions, Assure is the foremost industry leader in structuring Special Purpose Vehicles and the most experienced end-to-end administrator of what many Angels and deal organizers call the fast, affordable SPV. Assure plays a key role in the democratization of private investing. They have decreased the cost of SPVs by 90%, making it possible for more investors to invest in more companies.

Assure’s mission is to nearly eliminate the structuring and administration expense of investing in private assets. Assure provides a “one stop shop” for the tax, legal, accounting, and compliance service via their online platform Glassboard, coupling technology with professional services.

Most recently Assure acquired BoomStartup and launched Glassboard Technology and Assure Syndicates. With the acquisition of BoomStartup, Assure now offers comprehensive platform services to founders, companies, investors, and deal organizers with a full suite of solutions and services applicable throughout the entire venture life cycle from idea to exit.

By maintaining touch points throughout this cycle, Assure is positioned to deliver solutions at the exact time of need and in the most efficient and economic way.