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Open an IRA with Alto — choose between a roth, traditional, or SEP IRA.


Fund your IRA with cash, or transfer funds from an existing retirement account.


Make your first investment through one of our partners or any private deal!

We'll take care executing the documents and finalizing your investment!


Explore alternative assets.

With our easy-to-use platform, you can invest in alternative assets — things like startups, growth companies, real estate, and more with endless possibilities.

Make an investment through one of our 75+ partners, or invest in any private deal you have on your radar!

Bring on the tax benefits.

With Alto, you choose your IRA type—traditional, roth, or SEP:

• Traditional or SEP? No taxes on gains until you take a distribution.*
• Roth IRA? No taxes on gains.*



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We’re not into “fee menus.” You know the kind—where the list goes on and on. See what we charge all on one page, no surprises.

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Plus, you can manage the distributions you receive from investments, and transfer additional funds from an existing retirement account or bank account—all at no additional cost.

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