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Have a private offering in mind? Invite an issuer to Alto below!

We'll work with the issuer to create the offering and then you'll receive an invitation to make an investment.

Investment Portal FAQs for Investors

What type of investments can I make in the Investment Portal?

You can invest in offerings created by new or existing issuers on our platform. In other words, you can invest through one of our partners listed here, or you can bring your own offering to the platform by introducing the issuer directly to our Client Operations team at help@altoira.com.

Will there be a fee increase to invest using the Investment Portal?

To invest with an issuer outside of the partners listed here, you will need to upgrade to the Pro Plan, which is $250/year or $25/month. Additionally, there will be a $75 one-time investment fee. Upon accepting an invitation to participate in an offering, you will be prompted to upgrade your plan.

Can I still invest through integrated partners such as AngelList, AcreTrader, Masterworks, and others listed with the Pro Plan?

Yes! Investors on the Pro Plan can invest in any private offering (within IRS guidelines), as well as any offerings listed through our partners.

Are there restrictions on what I can invest in with a self-directed IRA? What can investors not invest in with a self-directed IRA?

You may not use a self-directed IRA to purchase life insurance, collectibles, certain precious metals, or real estate designated for personal use. Self-directed IRA investors are also not allowed to engage in a prohibited transaction involving a disqualified person. This may occur when the owner of a self-directed IRA engages in a transaction that directly benefits them, their beneficiaries, or any other disqualified party. Information on self-directed IRAs, prohibited transactions, and permissible transactions can be found at this IRS bulletin. You should always consult with a tax professional if you have questions about whether your investment may result in a prohibited transaction.

What type of IRAs can investors hold at Alto?

We currently administer traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs.

Can I transfer an existing private investment to Alto?

Alto does not currently support securities transfers. For more information on funding options, read our blog post here.

What if the issuer I wish to invite does not currently have an account with Alto?

Please introduce us to the issuer by emailing help@altoira.com and we will help them set up an account and create an offering to invite you to invest