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Looking to raise capital at Alto—but don't have an issuer account yet?

Investment Portal FAQs for Issuers

Does Alto assess the investment potential of offerings issuers bring to the platform?

Aside from screening for prohibited transactions (via investor questionnaire), Alto does not vet whether an investment is advisable. It is solely the investor’s responsibility to determine the advisability of an offering.

Furthermore, a set of specific offering documents are required to be uploaded to the offering before the issuer is able to invite investors to participate. Investors who are invited to the offering are presented with the offering documents that are uploaded. This ensures that the investor has been presented with the appropriate offering documents before directing Alto to execute the subscription document and sending funds to the issuer on behalf of their IRA.

What documents are required to create an offering?

The first three required documents will vary based on the entity and security type selected for the offering.

The last required documents are “signature pages.” The Alto “signature pages” are a collection of required documents that Alto, as your investor’s IRA custodian, will execute. You’ll be asked to collect all pages that require our custodial action and place them in a single PDF document for upload.

Can I invite an investor who does not have an Alto IRA account?

Yes! You’ll be able to invite a potential investor directly from your Alto IRA dashboard via 1) a unique offering link to be shared in a personalized email, or 2) an email generated from your dashboard by Alto.