Effective January 1, 2021

We don’t believe in hidden charges, investment minimums, or setup fees, and we work hard to maintain the most transparent, easy to understand, and competitive pricing structure in the industry. We’ve changed our pricing structure so that you no longer pay based on the size of your investment nor the size of your account. And you definitely don’t get penalized for growing your assets!

Introducing 2 New Plans




Bring your own deal and access our 20+ investment partners
Save 16.7% and pay $250/yr


Access our 20+ investment partners
Save 16.7% and pay $100/yr

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Bring your own deal and access our 20+ investment partners.


Access our 20+ investment partners.

Account Fees

or $250 when paid annually

or $100 when paid annually

Account Setup alto-check@2x alto-check@2x

Account Funding



Tax Reporting

alto-check@2x alto-check@2x

Same-Day ACH Processing

alto-check@2x alto-check@2x

E-Statement Delivery

alto-check@2x alto-check@2x
infoTransfer securities from another IRA to your Alto account
Asset Re-Registration


Per-Investment Fees
infoClick to view our investment partners
Partner Investment Fee



infoCharged when you bring your own deal
Private Investment Fee



Service Fees

infoGives you the ability to write checks directly from the IRA
Add Checkbook+ (one-time LLC set-up fee)
$500 alto-x@2x

Outbound Wire Transfers

$25 $25
infoApplies only to a funded account
Account Closure
$50 $50


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How do I know which plan I'm in?
If your portfolio includes private investments, assets you have re-registered with Alto, and/or you have added Checkbook+ to your IRA, then you will be in the Pro plan. Customers who have exclusively utilized our investment partners will be slotted into the Starter plan.
When will I be billed?

You will be charged your December fee on January 1. A second fee, for your new Alto pricing plan, will be charged later in January.

Moving forward, you will be charged monthly on your account opening date. (Example: If you opened your account on April 8th, you will be billed every month on the 8th.) This is different from what you may be accustomed to, if you've typically been billed for the previous month on the 1st day of each month.

Can I pay yearly?
Yes; simply log in to your account, go to your settings, and change your billing preference.
Can I upgrade from Starter to Pro?
Yes. You may proactively upgrade from Starter to Pro if you anticipate making a private investment or using the additional services included in Pro. If you are in the Starter plan, you will be prompted to upgrade to Pro if you're making a private investment, re-registering assets, or adding Checkbook+ to your account.
When am I charged the investment fee?

You will be charged the investment fee when you e-sign for your investment.

If I close my account, will I be charged an account closure fee?
Yes, if your account is funded and you choose to close it, an account closure fee will apply.
Are promos and discounts still valid?
Yes, promotions and discount codes will still apply to your account under the new pricing model.
Is the price changing for CryptoIRAs?
There are no pricing changes to the Alto CryptoIRA. You can learn more about pricing for our CryptoIRA here.
Can I pay my fees with the cash balance in my IRA?
No, you cannot currently pay for your account fees from your cash balance. This option is not yet available, but we're working on this capability for the future! Stay tuned.
Why is Alto changing pricing?
We want to charge our customers - like you - for the work that we do, not the size of your investments or the size of your account(s). So we are differentiating ourselves further from competitors by adjusting our pricing model to be focused on service and value. Simpler pricing and flat fees mean lower relative costs as investments grow. This means that you get to maximize the value of your long-term alternative asset investing.
Why are some partner investment fees $10 and others are $50?
Investments via our preferred partners are $10 per investment. Investments via our other partners will be a $50 fee per investment. See our list of partners here.
Which credit cards does Alto accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards.
Which fees apply to Checkbook+ accounts?
Clients who are in the Pro plan are eligible to open a Checkbook+ IRA for a one-time LLC set-up fee of $500. Once the Checkbook+ is opened, partner and private investments not made by writing a check will incur per-investment fees. Monthly or annual plan account fees apply. If activated, an outbound wire transfer will incur a fee, as will an account closure.

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