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How to get started:

Open an account with us — you can choose between an Alto IRA or CryptoIRA.

Once you're on the "Start the Transfer" page, look for the 401k transfer popup.

Fill out Capitalize's short form, and they'll initiate your rollover.

Capitalize will take care of the rest, and then you'll be ready to invest those assets through Alto.

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Experience a Seamless Transfer

By using Capitalize, you won't need to continue the transfer process directly in your Alto account. Instead, Capitalize will take care of rolling over your 401k account to Alto.

Once your account is funded, you can make an investment through one of our 21+ partners or invest in any private deal you have on your radar.

Get Tax Benefits

By using an IRA to fund your investments, you maintain the tax benefits that come with qualified retirement accounts — which results in greater effective returns for you.

With Alto, you can choose your IRA type — Traditional, Roth, or SEP:
• Traditional or SEP? Pay no taxes on gains until you take a distribution.1
• Roth IRA? Pay no taxes on gains.1


Easy and Transparent Pricing

You'll keep more of what you earn on your investments. That's because Alto has lower fees than other self-directed IRA custodians. Plus, we don’t believe in hidden charges, investment minimums, or set-up fees.


Alto's pricing plans feature low per-investment fees, an opt-in fee for outgoing wires, and a low and fixed account fee. We charge for the value we provide and the work that we do—period.

Curious about how Alto works? Check out our video below.