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How to get started


Open an account—choose between an Alto CryptoIRA® or standard Alto IRA.


Fund your IRA with cash, or transfer funds from an existing retirement account.


Make your first investment through one of our partners or any private deal!

We'll take care executing the documents and finalizing your investment!


Explore alternative assets

Curious about crypto? The Alto CryptoIRA® is directly integrated with Coinbase. You can buy, sell, and trade 150+ coins and tokens. And, with 24/7 real-time trading, you'll never miss out on buying the dip!

Interested in startups, securitized art, real estate, or other alternatives? Create an Alto IRA to gain access to over 80 of the most recognized investment partners, including Republic, Masterworks, and AngelList.

Bring on the tax benefits

Already investing in alternatives? Consider using your retirement savings to invest—tax-free.1

With Alto, you choose your IRA type—traditional, Roth, or SEP:
• Traditional or SEP? No taxes on gains until you take a distribution.1

• Roth IRA? No taxes on gains.1



Super-simple pricing

We’re not into “fee menus.” You know the kind—where the list goes on and on. See what we charge all on one page, no surprises.

Pro Plan

Starter Plan




No monthly fee!

Transaction fees apply. See website for full details.

Curious about how Alto works? Check out our video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my friend get for referring me?

Your friend receives $50 per person they refer!

Can I sign up for the referral program?

Once you become an Alto customer, and fund your account you are eligible to sign up for our referral program.