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Alto Introduces SOL Staking Pilot

Many of our customers have asked, "Hey Alto, when are you going to let us use an IRA to stake crypto?" Well, the answer is finally here!

Through our integration with Coinbase, Alto is launching a staking pilot starting with Solana, and we're opening a waitlist to better understand your interest. We hope you are as excited as we are as we further develop this solution and bring it to market, and look forward to your participation in our staking pilot.



A funded Alto CryptoIRA


25 Sol

6 months

6-month minimum holding period

What is staking?

Staking is an investment methodology that supports various blockchain protocols through a validation method called Proof of Stake. In essence, Proof of Stake enables networks like SOL to process orders and reduce the environmental and computational efforts typically required by Proof of Work protocols to validate transactions on the network. 

The benefit to investors who stake without operating their own validator nodes is that staking provides passive rewards in the form of additional crypto, in addition to compound returns—it is designed to work much the same way as a reinvested dividend stock.

How will SOL be staked?

Beginning in September, Alto will ask how much SOL you would like to stake and request that you execute a  Direction of Investment (DOI). Once you’ve signed a DOI, your SOL will be staked to a public validator node provided and operated by Coinbase.

Why is Alto exploring staking?

First off, it is one of, if not the most requested feature that our customers are asking for. When you hear something call-after-call, week-after-week, you get the impression that it is important to your user base. We’re listening, and always looking for ways to better serve Alto investors.

Staking itself helps people get more from their IRA, and likewise, puts their crypto assets to further work. We’re here to help you diversify and enliven your retirement portfolio, this is a natural extension of that promise.

Who can take part in the Alto CryptoIRA staking pilot?

Users who maintain an Alto CryptoIRA can purchase SOL and take part. That said, there will be a waitlist. And we will enroll people by cohorts into the pilot. There will be a staking minimum investment threshold of 25 SOL. But don’t worry, you can add yourself to the waitlist now and open your account later.

However,those with the correct volume of SOL will be invited to stake first

New customers are welcome to sign onto the waitlist, and those with the correct volume of SOL will be invited to stake first.

When will this offering be available?

Alto will share further details about the depth, and breadth of our waitlist, and when you can stake SOL, on September 1, 2022.

What should I do if I want to join the waitlist after the pilot starts?

Beginning in October, those seeking to stake can express their interest directly with our investor sales team or through our waitlist process.

When can I stake ETH?

It is too early to tell, but by joining the staking pilot waitlist, you will be among the first to know!

What are the fees associated with staking?

Alto Transaction Fee: Alto maintains a 1% trading fee for all crypto transactions

Staking Processing Fee: Those staking their SOL will pay a .5% processing fee against the value of SOL Staked

Alto Reward Fee: Alto collects a 3% fee against earned rewards

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Alto is an administrator of self-directed individual retirement accounts and is not a registered or licensed broker, dealer, broker-dealer, funding portal, cryptocurrency exchange, digital asset wallet or node operator, investment advisor or investment manager. Alto does not provide investment advice or recommendations about any specific investment or asset. Investing in cryptocurrency, including staking, involves significant risks.